EP Fundraiser Week 4 (we made it!)

Jane Willow

I've some very exciting news to share! We reached our target and raised over 4100 euro for my first EP! 

This means that in the summer of 2018 I will release my debut EP. I'm so excited! I never would have been able to do this without the support of fans, friends, family and strangers. A total of 116 people helped make this 4100 euro possible (91 donations online and 25 cash donations at gigs). I'm so so grateful! 

In the coming month or so I'll be having meetings to discuss the direction we want the EP to take. I'll also need to decide who I might like to collaborate with on the EP. 
I'll also have to give some thought to maybe getting management or a promoter in place that can push my music to the right radio stations and support gigs. It's all very exciting! 

I can't wait to see what these next few months will bring. 

In the meantime you can still listen to my single On My Mind on Spotify or download it here. Try adding my song it to a playlist on Spotify, to help get it out to new listeners! 

Thanks again for your support and if I don't catch up with you before; have a lovely christmas and a happy new year!



Listen to Single 
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