Day 3 of the EP Fundraiser (21%!!)

Jane Willow FundIt

Today is Day 3 of my EP Fundraiser at It's been going great so far and can't believe the support I've gotten so far for this EP!

My fundraiser gives people who'd like to support independent music the chance to Pre-Order My EP on Fund It, and in return they will get a Digital Download + Signed CD before the EP is officially released.

As a self-funded musician it's impossible for me to get all the funds for the EP together on my own, but with these Pre-Orders it is possible! 

I'm only at Day 3 of my Fundit-Campaign and we've already raised 21% of the funds for the EP!
This means we're only about another 150 Pre-Orders away from reaching one hundred percent! 

I want to thank anyone who's donated to my EP Fundraiser thus far! I also want to thank the people that shared my Fundraiser campaign online! Any little or large gesture counts! You are the people that bring me closer to recording my first independent EP! 

I also promised to upload a cover when we hit 20% so that should be up on my Facebook tomorrow! 

Please keep sharing, donating and sending positive thoughts my way for this future EP! I'm mad nervous and mad excited, and think I can do it with your help! 


Have a lovely day!



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