EP Fundraiser Week 1 (surpassed a 1000 euro!)

Jane Willow

Week 1 of my EP Fundraiser is just behind me, and what a week it's been! 

Like I've mentioned before, my fundraiser gives people who'd like to support independent music the chance to Pre-Order My EP on Fund It, and in return they will get a Digital Download + Signed CD before the EP is officially released.

In Week 1 twenty-three incredible people have helped me raise over 1000 euro for the EP. Most people Pre-Ordered the EP, some got free +1 tickets to the EP launch and one generous donor even donated 250 euro to get his name mentioned on the special thanks on the back of the EP. On this first week people funded an average of 46,50 euro towards my EP! 

We're currently 28% funded, which means we're just about 140 Pre-Orders away from reaching one hundred percent! Or if - like in Week 1 - people generously donate about 45 euro it would mean we're only 65 donations away from reaching 100%! Either way I think I can make it there with your kind donations, be they small or large.

This fundraiser is currently featured as 'Popular this Week' on www.fundit.ie. All the lovely donations and shares haven't gone unnoticed! 

In the next few days I'm hoping to reach 35%.  I'm thinking of posting another cover when we hit this goal, so feel free to message me on Facebook or Twitter with song requests.

I did a cover of Bruce Springsteen's 'I'm On Fire' when we reached 20%, which you can listen to here:


Thanks again for those that have helped me this far by Pre-Ordering the EP and please keep sharing the fundraiser with people that are just as keen as I to make independent music happen! 



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