EP Update and Gigs in Tullamore, Limerick and Dublin


What an amazing few weeks it's been. Me and my sound engineer Anthony Gibney have been working very hard to finalise the mixes of the new EP. I'm happy to say that the EP is now nearly finished! Which is no mean feat considering how hard it is to get musicians into the studio, record, make mixing decisions, produce and finally send things off to mastering. I'm so glad with how it turned out, and still can't quite believe the amazing people I got to work with!

Of course we're still not there, we need album artwork (the album cover), album promotion in place (to help get it on the radio) and a bit of luck to really make this EP a success when we launch it at the end of the summer. And yes of course the people that funded my EP through Fund It will receive the EP well before then! So you will get to hear my album well before anyone else does!

I'm also doing a few shows in the coming weeks. I always take any excuse to travel, catch up with friends and play a gig!

Friday June 1st - Music Market (hosted by Eoin Martin)
in Tullamore at Joe Lee's Bar & Lounge

Saturday June 2nd - Houseconcert (hosted by Cuppa Tea TV)
in Limerick for details email me here

Sunday June 10th - Intercollective (hosted by Shauna Byrne)
in Dublin at The International Bar (basement) Doors: 8pm


jane drum.jpeg

It's awfully exciting to be getting closer and closer to be releasing this EP. And the few people that have heard snippets of the EP seem very positive. Now it's up to me to find a way for this EP to get heard! 

Or if you want to help, feel free to share and/or request my single 'On My Mind' at your favourite radio station.



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