Playing at BBC Radio Ulster


A few weeks ago I went to Belfast to appear on the John Toal Show on BBC Radio Ulster. My friend Scott Flanigan joined me on piano for my song 'On My Mind'. This show is going live tomorrow April 7th at 11am. You can listen live here or listen back after the show here

Recently I also played at Nighthawks at the Cobalt Cafe. Thanks to Steven Kennedy and Colm Keegan for having. It was such a pleasure to play to such an attentive audience. Also thanks to Graham and Daiga for helping me sell out of all my merchandise. I made some home made soap (as I don't have albums to sell yet) and they bought the whole batch! So lovely!


Yesterday I also got to play at The Women's Podcast which is curated by Roisin Ingle (Irish Times)  and produced by Jennifer Ryan. The lovely writer and journalist Sorcha Pollak (who interviewed me a few months ago for an article in the Irish Times) was there to speak about her new book 'New To The Parish' which contains fourteen stories 'of people who have come to Ireland for work, education, retirement, love and in some cases, out of necessity, forced from their homes by death and destruction.'

There was two immigrant women who spoke at the event while I played a small part by playing a song at the start and end of the podcast. When I came in I was worrying about something in work and then I heard the stories of these women, who had to flee their country because it was no longer safe to be there.  Women who might never get to go home again. And it completely changed the way I view my own problems and makes me feel incredibly blessed to come from such a safe and beautiful country (I'm Dutch). 

The writer Sorcha will be launching her book on Wednesday, April 18th at 7pm in Poetry Ireland.

Once again I can't begin to express how blessed I feel be part of all the above events. They're all such different gigs, but I always manage to meet the most incredible people through playing music! 


Also, we've currently moved on to mixing my Debut EP, which is so exciting! You can already listen to my single 'On My Mind', and feel free - if you wish - to request my single at your local radio station. Have a lovely day,


Listen to Single 
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