Feature Article in the Irish Times


Recently I got featured in the Irish Times (read here). It was an honour getting to talk about Ireland and the amazing life I've managed to build up over here. I quite like a thing I said in the interview about music: 'I think music, in a way, is something you can hide behind. But it’s also something you can reveal yourself through'.

Through my songwriting I've learned what I really care about and what occupies my mind. I feel very blessed to get to express myself through my music. And I'm even more blessed to get to live in Ireland, a country where people understand this emotional connection with music. 

At the moment my single On My Mind is doing great. It's been played on RTE 1 and Radio Na Life and I'm getting bigger gigs as a result of my single! It's amazing!

As always feel free to request my single 'On My Mind' at your local radio station. You can help make things happen by requesting my single at your favourite radio station! 


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